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Creating Your Implementation & Communication Plans

In this lesson, we will look at a company that has done a great job executing their ethics program implementation and communication plan. Then, apply what we learn to create our own ethics program implementation and communication plans.

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the findings of your ethics program current state investigation to your Ethics Program Implementation and Communication Plan.

  2. Identify how to add ethics program messaging to your organization's current communication structure. 

  3. Identify people in your organization that show an interest in ethics and the ethics program. 

Essential Questions

  1. How are we going to use our organizations existing communication channels to raise awareness and promote our values and ethics program?

  2. How can we connect our ethics program to our organization's operations and success metrics and employees' day to day responsibilitites?

  3. What role does our leadership play in implementing and communicating our ethics program?

  4. How can we help educate our people on making inquiries about our ethics program and reporting breaches to our organization's ethical code? 

Build Your Skills

Get The Overview

Check out this lesson's overview and share your learning with people in your organization.

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Learn The Basics

Check out Duke Energy's comprehensive plan to communicate and implement their ethics program.

Get Resource
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Apply Your Learning

Apply your learning from Module 3 to create your own ethics implementation and communication plan.

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