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Recognizing Ethical Dilemmas

In this lesson we will learn to identify and avoid situations where ethical issues commonly arise in the workplace. An article from the reputable HR organization, SHRM will help us look at the signs of situations that increase the likeliness of unethical acts being committed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify situations where ethical dilemmas are likely to arise.

  2. Develop tools and strategies for clearly identifying ethical boundaries before they are crossed.

  3. Identify ways leadership can create an environment that promotes ethical decision-making. 

Essential Questions

  1. Why is simply providing an ethics policy for employees not enough to build an ethical culture? 

  2. What role does emotional stress play in ethical decision making?

  3. What 3 things need to be present for an ethical violation to occur?

  4. What is the slippery slope and how can we work to flatten it?

Build Your Skills

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Created By: Brand Haüs Consulting

Get The Overview

Check out this lesson's overview and share your learning with people in your organization.

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Learn The Basics

Check out this article from SHRM that discusses why just having ethics policies doesn't build ethical culture.

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Apply Your Learning

Stuck with an ethical dilemma? Check out our Ethical Decision Making Tree to make those tough situations less challenging.

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