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Building an Ethical Culture

In this lesson we will investigate different considerations that need to be made before creating an ethics based cultural shift. Then, we identify which values and principles will need the most development through an organizational culture survey example and template.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify characteristics of a company that has implemented a successful ethical culture. 

  2. Understand some of the major procedures and actions that will need to be implemented when creating a successful ethical culture. 

  3. Learn how to create an ethical survey that will evaluate the current state of your ethics program.

Essential Questions

  1. How has a focus on business ethics affected Otter Products employee retention and engagement?

  2. How can different levels of an organization work together to strengthen their efforts to build an ethical culture?

  3. How can we measure if our employees believe our organization is living up to its ethical code?

Build Your Skills

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Created By: Brand Haüs Consulting

Get The Overview

Check out this lesson's overview and share your learning with people in your organization.

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Learn The Basics

Check our list of things to keep in mind when planning out how you will build an ethical culture in your organization.

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Apply Your Learning

Find out the current state of your organizations culture using our culture survey template and example.

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