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The Business Value in Having an Ethical Culture

In this lesson, we will learn about ethics role in an organization’s performance and how an ethics-based culture can engage and inspire the work force.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how ethics play a role in the success of a business.

  2. Recognize the potential of a more engaged and driven workforce by incorporating ethics into your business model. 

  3. Identify ways your organization, its partners, and 3rd parties can work together to help strengthen each other's ethical programs. 

Essential Questions

  1. Is it possible to measure the competitive advantage an ethics program can provide?

  2. Why is it becoming more important to measure and manage culture?

  3. How can your organization's ethics program be utilized to help build your business partner's and 3rd parties' ethics programs?

Build Your Skills

Get The Overview

Check out this lesson's overview and share your learning with people in your organization.

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Learn The Basics

Check out an Article from Ethisphere Magazine on why it pays for businesses to put ethics first.

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Apply Your Learning

Reflect on how your thinking has changed throughout this lesson with these questions.

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